Who we are

We are Whitehill Allotment Society, based in Cambridge, UK. The society is run by an elected Committee, and manages two separate sites at Elfleda Road (10 acres) and Peverel Road (1.2 acres).  Currently, there are over 130 plots including full and half sizes, and approximately the same number of members.

What we do

We do gardening; Growing fruit and vegetables is the purpose of allotment gardening. This has countless benefits, such as improving physical and mental wellbeing, saving money and making friends.

Our aims
  • We want to have a positive impact on the community we serve.
  • We want to continue Britain’s proud tradition of allotment gardening.
  • Within the society, we want to create an inclusive atmosphere based on a mutual love of gardening.

The society has a proud history dating back to 1943. During the 1940s, allotments across Britain enjoyed a renaissance due to the strain of rationing brought about by WWII. As growing produce locally gained popularity, the Whitehill Allotment Society was born at its Elfleda Road site, which it still occupies to this day. The Peverel Road site was merged with the society in the late 1950s.

The Elfleda Road site has seen several improvements over the years, including the addition of water tanks in 2000-2001, an extension to the shop in 2008, and more recently, a new composting toilet.